Shows a preview of desired files without the need to open them

OptiHint is a Windows OS based tool that lets you peek into files without the need to open them to check their content. Usually when we're looking for a determined file, whether a document, video or even a compressed ZIP or RAR file, we lose valuable time opening and closing files to check what is really inside them.

With OptiHint this action is no longer needed. You will get a hint of the file content by passing your mouse over the file. The program features a series of tools for customizing the hints such as display style, transparency, background color, size, duration and delay.

One of the most appealing features is that in the case of compressed files such as ZIP or RAR, this program shows a hint on what is contained in the file, so there is no need to open any compression software to check those file types.



OptiHint 1.1